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ECB-1: (BOOST) Ethanol Content & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

$369.95 $449.99

ECB-1: (BOOST) Ethanol Content & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

(Four-in-one, ethanol content %, fuel temp., vacuum/boost press., and wideband O2)...


Four-in-one, ethanol content percentage, fuel temperature, boost pressure, and wideband air/fuel ratio gauge

Boost Vision - a real-time calculated approximation of your ECU’s boost limit based on current ethanol content percentage

OLED user configurable display (one, two, or four channel viewing modes)

Ethanol %, Vacuum/Boost, Target Boost, Peak Boost, Fuel Temp, Air/Fuel ratio

°F or °C, AFR or Lambda, inHG, PSI, kPa, or BAR

On screen error reporting for ethanol content sensor and wideband O2

Warning indicator LED when actual boost exceeds target boost (user programmable)

Peak hold function

4 BAR map sensor, pressure range -29 inHG to 43.5 PSI (-1 to 3 BAR)

3-Configurable analog outputs for use with standalone and other programmable ECU’s as well as external data loggers

Ethanol Content: 0v = 0%, 5v = 100%

Fuel Temp: 0v = -40 °F, 5v = 257 °F (-40-125°C)

Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio: 0v = 7.35, 5v = 22.39 AFR (0.50-1.52 Lambda)

Pressure readings can be adjusted for altitude differences

52mm (2 1/6”) diameter gauge body with interchangeable faceplates and bezels: Black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates included

No PC required for configuration

Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor

Patented DirectDigital™ wideband sensor control, 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology!

Wideband O2 Compatible with several fuel types (Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel, E85 & more)

Ability to calibrate O2 sensor for maximum accuracy

Innovate MTS serial in/out (for use with other Innovate & 3rd party MTS enabled devices to add additional logging channels)

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