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Skunk2 Racing Radiator Cap Type A


Radiator Cap Type A


1988 - 1991 Honda Civic (Base, DX, EX, LX, Si)1988 - 1991 Honda CRX (HF, Si)1992 - 2001 Honda Prelude (Base, Type SH)1990 - 1993 Acura Integra (GS, GS-R, LS, RS)

Skunk2’s Fine Tuning products and accessories, like its high-pressure Radiator Caps, help put the finishing touches onto your vehicle you work so hard to make perform well. Skunk2 Radiator Caps increase internal radiator pressure, which results in a higher coolant boiling point and a more efficient cooling system. Skunk2 Radiator Caps feature an open valve pressure of 1.3 kg/cm—that's .2kg/cm higher than most OEM radiator caps.

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